Docker-compose is a Python tool that allows you to describe your multi-containers application in one single YAML file. Previously known as Fig, Docker compose is now part of the Docker eco-system since acquisition of Orchard Laboratories last summer.

Easy Installation

As docker-compose requires specific versions of its dependencies, it is recommended to use a dedicated virtualenv environment to prevent messing up your packages installation setup. You can use the script below that takes care of creating the virtualenv sandbox environment dedicated to docker-compose.

curl -sL | sh -

You can define environment variables to specify installation location:

  • PREFIX: Root directory where the virtualenv is installed [/usr/local/stow]
  • NAME: virtualenv name [docker-compose]
  • VERSION: wished docker-compose version [1.1.0]

For instance:

curl -sL | PREFIX="$HOME/tools" sh -

shell script is available here.

Getting started

Documentation is now officially hosted on Docker documentation website. You can follow their sample waiting for what follows on this website!